HackPoly '17 is Cal Poly Pomona's 4th annual software/hardware hackathon.

Visit http://hackpoly.com/ for more info.
Teams of up to 5 will team up and in an epic 24 hours to build and market an epic hack.
What is a hack? It's creating something that doesn't exist yet, something that will improve the lives of the individuals that use it.

Solar powered automatic dog feeder? Do it. Phone app to control your television? Sounds Awesome. Website for CPP students to trade books? Looking forward to it.

See you at hackpoly.


All hackers must:

  • Must be at least 18 years old by February 6, 2016
  • Must have a valid .edu address and not have graduated 6 months prior
  • Teams are limited to five people

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,028,930 in prizes

1st place

Dell Tablets sponsored by MLH
First prize is private pitch to one or two of our angel members (of course if the team shows promise this would be a potential patch to a serious pitch opportunity down the road to our larger membership).
Instantly become a top 10 finalist in the Bronco Startup Challenge to compete for total prize money of $10,000*!
*One team member must be a current Cal Poly Pomona student and correct paperwork must be completed.

2nd place

Ring IOT Devices
Entry to Bronco Startup Challenge
An invite for two to Pasadena Angels monthly breakfast meeting, typically attended by 50 or more of our members.

3rd place

Amazon Echo Dots
Entry to Bronco Startup Challenge
An opportunity to pitch at a local Pasadena pitch event.


Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment! Build a software solution that can help reduce the frequency and/or severity of online harassment. Members of the winning team receive Hack Harassment Battery Packs!

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 AWS credit

Best Game Hack

Develop the best game on any platform of your choice (web/mobile/VR/etc.) The winning team will win VR headsets sponsored by the Game Development & Design Club!

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Domain.com Swag Bags

Wolfram Alpha - Best Use of Wolfram Tech (6)

Top 5 teams win an award that includes:
- one year of Wolfram Development Platform (www.wolfram.com/development-platform), Developer Level. This level includes 10,000 monthly Cloud Credits, 5 GB Cloud Storage, 1000 Wolfram|Alpha API calls monthly, Instant Form development, and customizable URLS
- one year of Wolfram Mathematica Student Edition (www.wolfram.com/solutions/education/students)
- one year subscription to our Computational Knowledge Engine, Wolfram|Alpha Pro (www.wolframalpha.com/pro)

Best Beginner Hack

For hackers whose first hackathon is Hackpoly.
At least 2 members of your team must be first-time hackers.
Google Chromecasts

LEAP - Best Education Hack

A project that can be feasible for kids in middle or high school that helps these students learn more things about the Internet of Things, Robotics, or technology-related topics.

Winners will receive Raspberry Pis and a chance to showcase their project at different LEAP workshops.

JPL - Best Internet of Things(IOT) Hack

Best hack that applies Internet of Things Technology

Winners get a VIP Exclusive Tour of NASA Jet Propulsion Library

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity
    How difficult was the project to implement technically in the time frame? Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Is it just some lipstick on an API, or were there real technical challenges to surmount?
  • Originality
    Is the hack more than just another generic social app? Does it do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Impact / Usefulness
    Is the hack practical given its target audience? Is it something that the user base would actually use? Does it fulfill a need people have?
  • Polish / Design (UI/UX)
    Is the hack usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well-designed?
  • Hack Factor
    This is very difficult to describe, but you'll know it when you see it. The closest description would be a project that makes you feel like you are living in the future.
  • Best Game
    Did they make an interesting and intriguing game that has a high replay value?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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